Hey! Here we are – organizers of the best weeks in your life! ;)
Feel free to contact us at team@cssnowfest.com.
CS SnowFest was instigated by Alex Trim. The format was developed with the help of the following  team of organizers who also play a vital role in getting  CS SnowFest off the ground:


Alexey Smirnykh
Founder of the project CS SnowFest
Elena Kazakova
 +7 911 9329900,
– Participant’s support
– Camp leader
Svetlana Babushkina
+ 7 921 6412490,
– Participant’s support
– Camp leader
Egor Kozlov
+33 6 95 99 15 28,
– Web-design & taking pictures
– Camp leader

If you want to be in the organizing team of next CS SnowFest just write email to team@cssnowfest.com