CS “Ocean of Emotions” SurfFest

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RIGHT LINK IS http://www.cssnowfest.com/canary2014/


This summer we are going organize 3rd CS SurfFestf where all the coolest CS’ers aka top performers in skiing, snowboarding and partying are invited. The main idea is to gather people who already know each other, as well as meet new friends, remember many nice moments from the past and are ready to have new fun as well as experience!

What is the SurfFest?

Well it’s gonna be pretty similar to SnowFest except one thing – there’s summer and there’s Portugal. Thus we will use ocean waves instead of snowy mountains. :)

CS SURFFEST – the unique event with atmosphere you never find anywhere else! All participants live in one big house, surfing with many others, cook together in international “cooking teams”, play a lot of funny games, organize beach parties, hang out in bars and so on – there are always bunch of new ideas!

Of course during SurfFest you’ll take lessons of surfing – basic for newbies and professional tips for high-level surfers. Waking up every day in perfect conditions, doing group excercises and catching waves all together – it sounds like a dream! :D

And moreover – we will find for sure cool people, burn the sand on night parties, drink fresh cocktails, play a number of beach games and competitions, discuss and make plans for the next winter season and so on.

The 3st CS SurfFest will take place in Peniche (Portugal) during 23.06. – 30.06.2012 which is widely recognized as the most consistent surf spot in Portugal.

The price is 325 EUR per person and it includes:

1) Lodging – 7 nights in the cosy house from 23th of June to 30rd of June. The exterior of thesehouse has views of the sea and of the waves at Lagido, a place for leisure and where we can play games. All apartments have Wi-Fi connection)
2) Lessons – 5 days of surfing lessons (2 sessions per day, 2 hours per session, level of lessons depends on your skills)
3) Transfers – transport to the best surf spot of the day
4) Gear rent – surfboard and wetsuit for the classes
5) Insurance
6) Internet access

Food and drinks are just €10 per night (that’s not a joke – we’ll buy plenty of them in a supermarket all together and cook in “cooking teams” – it’s always fun! :P)

You can also take only accommodation with internet access.

Around our surf base we can find many bars and huts on the beach where we can watch the sunset or party at night. There are also many types of restaurants, a market, surf shops, a bakery and everything necessary for your everyday needs. More specific needs, such as banks and other public institutions, can be found in Peniche.

We’d like to make it like big family meeting where everyone will talk with everyone. And of course we are gonna party a lot!! Because it is first such summer CS SurfFest!!!
Check out this link for more info about the camp – http://www.penichesurfcamp.com/



Nearest airport is Lisbon, distance from Peniche: 94 km
From Lisbon you can take bus or train
Central Bus Station: Terminal Sete Rios
Train station: Sete Rios
Other way is to rent a transfer from Lisbon Airport: http://www.shuttle2u.com/es/passo_dois.asp?vid=105
If there will be group who will arrive in Lisbon airport
there is posibility to organize transfer with PenicheTeam:
1 to 4 ppl – 90 €
5 or 6 ppl – 110 €
7 or 8 ppl – 135 €
Second airport is Porto.
There are a lot of cheap flights with http://www.ryanair.com
It is also possible to orginize transfer from Porto
to Peniche with PenicheTeam:
1to 4 ppl – 250 €
Or we can take a bus
Click on the map:

See you!

CS SurfFest Organizing Team
Elena Kazakova
Victor Garcia